CLT-8-Container Lifting Transporter

The CLT-8 is a self-propelled Container Lifting Transporter with
single platform. It is designed to lift, lower and transfer loads
 up to 3,600 kg (8,000 lb). The CLT-8 improves the handling
procedures for servicing the lower deck of all aircraft including
the popular A320 series.

The CLT-8 provides a lower Total Cost of Ownership with a design
that reduces labor expenses and maintenance costs by allowing
 operation as both a loader and a transporter.

Aircraft Served

Airbus A300 A310 A319 A320 A321 A330 A340
Boeing B707 B727 B737 B747 B757 B767 B777
Douglas DC8 DC9 DC10        
Lockhead L1011            
McDonnell Douglas M1D1