Commander 30i

Advanced benefits in heavy weight performance the 30i
services wide-body lower and main decks and
 decks with a lift capacity up to 13,600 kgs (30,000 lbs)

The Commander 30i cargo loader provides main deck and
lower lobe container loading capability for a wide variety of
passenger and freighter aircraft.

The Commander 30i provides a lower Total Cost of
 with a design that exceeds industry safety standards, fast and
precise HeliRoll® convey system, lower average maintenance
costs per hour of operation, higher uptime and higher resale values.

Aircraft Served

Main Deck            
Airbus A300 A310 A380      
Boeing B707 B727 B737 B747 B757 B767
Douglas DC8 DC9 DC10      
Lockhead L1011          
McDonnell Douglas MD11          
Lower Lobe            
Airbus A300 A310 A330 A340 A380  
Boeing B747 B767 B767* B777    
Douglas DC10          
Lockhead L1011          
McDonnel Douglas MD11          

* - 125 in wide door