Towbarless Tractor Expediter 400

The Expediter 400 is a compact towbarless tractor designed
for pushback and maintenance tow of a wide range of
widebody aircraft from the A310 and B767 to the A340 and B747.

The Expediter 400 has a stable design to prevent
jack-knifing, automated aircraft selection and pickup
to reduce the potential of operator error, PLC
diagnostics to help identify maintenance issues
quickly and a robust design for a 15 year or 30,000 hour life.

Aircraft Served

Aircraft Manufacturer                
Airbus A300 A310 A330 A340 A340-600   A330 A340
Boeing B767 B767ER B67-400 B777 B777LR B747 B777  
Douglas DC10              
Lockhead L1011              
McDonnel Douglas MD11