Passenger Step UDS-2

The UDS-2 (diesel powered) and the UES-2 (electric powered)
are self-propelled passenger step designed for universal
use with the capability of servicing the passenger doors of all
aircraft from the B737 to the rear doors of the A340. The
chassis is purpose-designed specifically for this application.

Fine tuning of the front stabilizers height ensures a high degree
of passenger safety and comfort due to the accuracy of the
aircraft door approach.

The automatic mechanical latching system makes it easier for
operators to use the step raising/lowering controls without
manually engaging or disengaging latches.

Aircraft Served

Main Deck                  
Airbus A318 A319 A320 A321 A310 A300 A330 A340 A380
low doors
Boeing B737 B717 B727 B757 B707 B767 B747 B777  
Douglas DC8 DC10              
Lockhead L1011                
McDonnel Douglas MD11 MD80