Teleflex pallet / apron conveyors, type: K8 and K10

Biplanar plate chain in track section enclosed on three sides
Modular principle, all Teleflex components are replaceable and combinable
Three-dimensional system layout possible, differences in height are accommodated by means of vertical curves
Conveyed weights: up to approx. 150 kg/m (information on special loads provided on request)
Automatic greasing of the conveyor chain by means of lubricating station
Aprons made of plastics, rubber or steel
Designed as pallet, apron, travelling and assembly table conveyors


Apron conveyor K8
Constructed as a sorting and stores conveyor
for the careful handling of fittings.
Conveying speed: approx. 5 - 30 m/min
Conveyed weight: up to 70 kg/m

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