424HS 'High Speed'

The new ultimate Green Machine

The Applied 424HS 'Hi-Speed' Green Machine combines increased travel speed with exceptional stability and versatility. Operators can transit to, from and between sweeping areas at up to 10mph (16km/h) and then sweep and litter pick quickly and efficiently


424 TR

The new latest evolution of the Standard speed Green Machine

Maintains all the operator comfort features of the 424HS, but travels at the regular speed of 5mph (8km/h). Twin-wheeled fully adjustable seat is designed for operator comfort and detaches easily to convert to a walk-behind



The Green Machine with fold & stow seat The original walk / ride version of the Green Machine continues to be the workhorse of over 10,000 users. The ability of the 414RS to convert back and forth between ride-on and walk-behind modes in seconds makes this machine a popular choice in locations where pedestrian traffic varies greatly




The walk-behind only Green Machine

The original walk-behind Green Machine has all the suction power and durability of its ride-behind brothers, but offers simplicity, efficiency and manoeuvrability at low cost


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